About Us
Who are we? What do we do?

Established in 2010, we provide everything that a business might need in technology. We are a full service hosting provider (domain name registration, website hosting, e-mail hosting, IP telephony, co-location/data center services). We also offer top notch computer network, security, and systems administration consultancy services. Turtle Systems, LLC was founded on three basic principles: Offer the best customer service in the business providing jobs for Americans, offer the lowest possible prices, and operate our business as eco-friendly as possible. Green is not only our color, it is our whole philosophy. All of our telecom and data equipment is 100% recycled or refurbished, 25% of our energy is generated from renewable resources, and our entire business model from top to bottom maximizes effectiveness with a minimal amount of disposable goods.

Domain Name Management+Registration - Web Hosting - Web Design - Small Business Technology Consulting - Internet Connectivity Services - Cloud Computing/Virtual Servers - E-mail, Database, & Managed Server Hosting - Custom Technology Solutions

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